Meet Yvonne Simpson of Balwyn North. Yvonne is a regular shopper at Greythorn Central and is 100 years old.
Yvonne has lived in Balwyn North since she was 21 years old. Furthermore her Moreton Street residence has been the only home she has lived in for the past 79 years.
Yvonne was born deaf and she lip reads. Her impairment certainly doesn’t stop Yvonne having a chat with passers-by such as catching up with Greythorn Marketing Coordinator Yolanda Torrisi recently who was thrilled to hear Yvonne’s story and her regular attendance at Greythorn Central for her household needs.
Greythorn traders have come to know Yvonne well over the years and recently our winter Saturday morning entertainer, The Amazing Mr Twist presented Yvonne with a balloon flower arrangement.