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Supermarkets, an ATM, a post office, professional and legal services, health and beauty, a printer, a dog groomer and cafes and restaurants that tempt every tastebud – there is something for everyone at Greythorn.

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When you visit Greythorn, you not only have your shopping, business and dining needs met, you can also take a journey of discovery to meet the Faces of Greythorn. This is an installation of six statues along both sides of the Greythorn shopping strip that chronicle the history of Greythorn in a creative and interactive way. Greythorn has grown into a thriving shopping and community hub from humble beginnings. In the 1900s the area was a highly productive citrus orchard, then it became the home to a violet farm, a koala sanctuary, and then in the 1950s the highly fashionable women of Greythorn made a name for themselves with their high fashion, couture, and coiffures. It has attracted families from all over the world wanting to live in this prized location in Melbourne’s inner eastern leafy suburbs.