The darling of delicatessens opens at Greythorn Central

We are all looking forward to that day in November when we finally all come out of lockdown and has Greythorn Central got an amazing surprise waiting for you – it’s called Tesoro Gastronomia.

The team at Tesoro Gastronomia hasn’t been lazing about but rather they have been so busy setting up the new grastronomy offering at Greythorn Central at 280 Doncaster Road which will be a delicatessen and espresso bar.

But there is something really special about this place – Tesoro Gransomia that is, not Italy (well maybe Italy too), you can embrace every moment at Tesoro and know you are helping others while you do.

The owners have declared that 100% of profits from this little tesoro (darling) will either be donated to local charities or used to sponsor arts and events in the local community.

In a Facebook post they state: “As a collective, we recognise that our parents and grandparents sacrificed to give our generation the gifts of opportunity and prosperity; so Tesoro was created in their honour to pay their legacy forward.”

Taking a look at more of their Facebook posts it gives you a feeling of what this new eatery and delicatessen is all about. The stories of the staff they are looking for, the equipment they are installing and the food they plan to serve says it all.

As one post says: “Ultimately, we would love to have hired one of our own Nonni, or my Zia, but they aren’t available. Nonna has un ‘mal di schiena’ (a bad back), and well Zia has Zio to deal with … and if dinner isn’t on the table by 5pm, you know how Zio gets. So we’re reaching out to you in the hope that your Nonna/o or Zio/Zia is available and looking for a new career at Tesoro. You know who we’re talking about … that amazing person who knows how to maintain an impeccably clean and orderly fridge. She/he keeps things stored properly; and would be willing to provide exceptional customer service to all Tesoro Gastronomia customers. If your Zia has a great passion for food and can juggle a good chat whilst slicing a leg of prosciutto to the perfect thinness, then we have a job for her. And let your Zio know that it is ok that Zia goes back to work … just think, he will never have to pay for another caffe corretto again. We promise to leave a bottle of grappa behind the counter with his name on it.”

This upbeat and trendy delicatessen also has a rear entrance. Once lockdown lifts, and we finally open, you will find plenty of parking behind Tesoro with a handy walk through to Doncaster Road and the main Greythorn Central shopping strip.

A beautiful row of clivias will provide the guard of honour on your way through to Doncaster Road.

So when you can’t visit Italy, Greythorn Central’s Tesoro Gastronomia brings Italy to you.