Sometimes a picture tells a thousand words!

Once upon a time

A post in the We grew up in North Balwyn Facebook page featuring an older picture of 270 Doncaster Road, which is now the Naka Naka Restaurant, sparked numerous conversations and memories about the history of this building.

The Greythorn Traders Association thought we would compile all the memories shared by North Balwyn and former North Balwyn residents and produce this snapshot of the history of this building.

In 1937, 83 years ago, 270 Doncaster Road opened as the first post office in North Balwyn. Over the years the Post Office relocated and since then many memorable shops and stores have left an everlasting impression on the residents of North Balwyn.

Mr and Ms Goodison owned the hardware store located on 270 Doncaster Road initially and were beloved in town, with Peter Jones writing, “I remember mum often went into the back of the shop and shared a cuppa with Mrs Goodison.”

During the 60s the hardware store became the Cathay Chinese Cafe and soon became the star of the town. Mr and Mrs Sun provided amazing company and food such as their incredible steak and onions as Judy Haley describes it.

While the shop is still serving up great Asian cuisine, formerly as the Loong Palace and currently the amazing Japanese Restaurant and Sake Bar Naka Naka, 270 Doncaster Road continues to create new memories with the residents of North Balwyn and further afar.

The Greythorn Traders Association would like to hear more stories from our Greythorn shoppers of your experiences of the shops at Greythorn Central. Please share your memories and pictures on our Facebook page.