Lifting the fog – making life clearer

Is all this mask and shield wearing putting your life in a fog? Well if you wear glasses, life gets even foggier with the additional face apparatus we are requested to wear to stop the spread of COVID.

Boroondara Eye Care located at 264 Doncaster Road on the corner of Harrington Avenue has just received a large stock of Rodenstock’s Nano Magic Anti-Fog Safety Kit and All Plus Australia’s Anti-Fog Microfibre Cleaning Cloth.
These products are effective in stopping glasses from fogging when wearing a mask.

It will take one of the frustrations out of your new COVID normal life and you can work and do your shopping with much more clarity and focus on the task.

Call Boroondara Eye Care on 9816 4100 or email<> to secure your anti fog products today and arrange pick up at a suitable time to comply with COVID distancing and service of clients and patients.