Find YOURSELF discovering the difference at Greythorn

Over the next 10 weeks we’re going to invite you to tell us each week how you find yourself at Greythorn? How do you discover the difference at Greythorn and why do you love where you live? We want you to engage with us on Facebook and give us your story.

It all may sound like just your normal part of life, but is it really? Business as usual in the past would see us working somewhere else, dining and socialising in another location and living where we live.

COVID has changed all of that and brought us closer to home. In fact, we are living, working and playing in our own back yards. Have you ever taken the time to discover what is in your neighbourhood?

So on the edge of North Balwyn, Greythorn Central is the local shopping strip for local locals and the surrounding suburbs of Doncaster and Balwyn. It offers more than 80 specialty shops between 264 Doncaster Road and 340 Doncaster Road. So while not every service is able to trade and provide you their friendly service at the moment, it’s only a temporary hiccup because we’re going to make sure they come back stronger and better with your help. There are more than 70 businesses all open for you and ready to personalise their business offering and service to you to make sure you can shop locally, safely and socially distanced.

Your help comes by choosing to shop local by choosing Greythorn Central. If you don’t want to leave your home, then pick up the phone and speak to one of the shops at Greythorn and meet your local business owner and his or her staff by phone. They will be able to help you with your needs and have it ready for you to collect. Many of the businesses are also delivering locally so why not take up this option.

Of course, there’s always the joy of getting moving and doing some exercise taking a walk to Greythorn Central or if your walking and cycling legs are a thing of the past, there’s plenty of parking at Greythorn – in fact more than 340 parking spaces at Greythorn Central – on road and in many parking lots behind all your favourite shops.

The first place to look what’s available at Greythorn is on the Greythorn Central website. Check out the Greythorn Central business directory – All 80 plus businesses, their services, contact details, location and trading hours are available at this one-stop-website for all things Greythorn.

So let’s get you excited about Discovering the Difference at Greythorn.

Reason number 1 to find yourself at Greythorn – Discover creative and interesting products

There is nothing grey about Greythorn. The last month of winter is here but we can see the spring blossoms beginning to show their petals of colour and we can smell the magnolias as they splash out their magnificent blooms to remind us we’re over the hump of winter.
Did you know that you become more emotionally attached to products and items that you can feel, touch, sense and experience if you find and buy them from a local store. Don’t settle for generic, boring products online when you can find new and amazing products at your fingertips at our local stores.

While wearing a mask or face shield and remaining socially distanced, you can visit our local Greythorn shops to buy all your daily and specialty requirements in this open air environment and practice social distancing with ease.