Donate your old glasses and give someone new sight

Has your eyesight moved on and your old glasses are just cluttering up your drawers? Then put them to good use and change someone’s life forever.

Boroondara Eye Care is running an eye glasses drive til 31 July collecting old and unwanted prescription glasses for the Balwyn North Rotary Club.

The club collects prescription glasses which they distribute to communities in Vietnam and Cambodia.

Boroondara Eye Care owner and optometrist Paula Monaco says the donated glasses are prepared ready for distribution to the communities.

“We check all the glasses, fix anything that may be wrong with them, check the lens prescription which is attached to each pair of glasses, so they can be given to the people who need them,” Ms Monaco said.

“These glasses give new life to children and adults who would probably never have been able to go to school or to go work.”

Boroondara Eye Care has already collected and prepared 60 pairs of glasses which Balwyn North Rotary Club distributed in Cambodia. The new glass collection will be taken to Vietnam.

Anyone wishing to donate their old glasses can drop them off to Boroondara Eye Care at 264 Doncaster Road, Balwyn North.