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The current COVID-19 lockdown restrictions are certainly proving challenging for some businesses needing to conduct business differently.

One business that hasn’t been affected by the lockdown restrictions are body corporate management services.

Browns Body Corporate Services located in Harrington Street at Greythorn Central can still conduct all the normal day to day business of running Owners Corporations, but what has hit a snag is holding the meetings of owners.

While many companies are conducting business and meetings online using one of the many video conferencing platforms, there are many older clients who do not have computers, or familiar with the use of emails, Skype and other modes of electronic communication.

Browns Body Corporate owner, Grant Brown, advises that some owners don’t even have a mobile phone, “therefore going forward the future of AGMs is going to be a problem.

A few suggestions have been made recently in legal guidance issued which include: adapting the basis on which organisations hold AGMs, delaying the convening of the AGM if notice has not yet been issued, postponing or adjourning (if permitted by the organisation’s constitution), applying to ASIC for an extension of time, or conducting a “hybrid AGM”.

Grant Brown says any owners corporation committees who need information and guidance at this time can contact the Browns Body Corporate office to be guided on how the best way is to proceed.

Contact Name:
Grant Brown

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