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Sometimes it’s difficult to access medications that work and are ‘just right’ for you. After all, our body chemistry is different, so why wouldn’t we sometimes require a tailor-made solution?

Amcal’s MyCompounder Pharmacy in Greythorn now provides an on-site compounded medication service second to none because they realise that existing strengths or dosage forms of medications can be sometimes be unpractical or unsuitable. They also know that people can have sensitivity or allergic reactions to certain excipients found in existing dose forms, or maybe the usual manufactured product is unavailable or discontinued.

For many people the ‘one size fits all’ concept is unrealistic. At MyCompounder Pharmacy in Greythorn, virtually any active ingredient can be compounded into a form and strength to suit your individual needs. They not only have access to thousands of active formulations, but also have the expertise to work with you and your doctor to find the perfect solution that fits like a glove. Our compounding formulas allow us to assist with numerous women’s and men’s health issues, paediatrics, and even veterinary medicine to help care for your pets.

Chronic pain, hair loss, adrenal and thyroid function, gastro-intestinal issues and skin conditions are all readily treated with specifically compounded products, and the great news is, there’s a wide range of product options too! Think oral capsules and liquids, creams and lotions, lollipops, lozenges, pessaries or nasal and ear preparations! We even compound a high potency anti-inflammatory cream that is available without a prescription, being far more effective than traditional over the counter preparations for joint and muscular pain.

To find out more about specific compounded solutions for you, please speak to our pharmacists at Greythorn Amcal Pharmacy.

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